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Suitable for remote charging of: drones, phones, GPS, headtorches etc. Can be used with a 12V/240V inverter.



Carbon fibre, aramid casing construction.

12.6V, 10Ah, 130Wh Li-ion battery brick constructed from reliable 18650 cells.

Balance charged from a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller to optimise charging during winter, and/or cloudy or hazy days - when the extra power is needed the most.

Outputs include 12.6V, up to 10A, and 3A quickcharge USB (any configuration required can be managed)

Ideally charged using upto 42W 18V solar panel.

Can be charged using a regular 12V battery charger.

Optional mini power meter and/ or thermostically controlled internal temperature and meter (to improve battery performance) for use in cold environments.

Complete unit weighs a mere 1.1kg (lightest you will find anywhere), 18v 25W flexible monocrystalline solar panel (pictured, 530 x 280mm) weighing 350g. Complete solar setup at less that 1.5kg!

base camp

solar battery bank.

Please note that we are a small buisness and our custom products are made to order. You will receive email confirmation on the progress of your items.

We aim to despatch non-customised products, which are in stock, within two working days.


Thank you, Custom Exped Kit will be in touch shortly.

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