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Thank you for your enquiry. I will respond as soon as possible. James.

Custom Exped Kit is a small Lake District-based workshop from which custom ideas for your next adventure, big or small, are made a reality.


Custom Exped Kit, in essence, began in 2013 when James began to make gear he couldn't afford. He quickly found that modifying and making custom pieces better suited his needs. He continues to engineer equipment either to reduce weight or improve function.

Typically much of the work carried out produces a unique piece of kit which is not available off the shelf. This can be a lighter version of something commercially available or developing something totally new.


We have the flexibility, understanding and experience to provide answers to your expedition requirements.



custom exped kit james dickinson

We work with some of the lightest and strongest materials and are able to co-operate with you to develop your idea from concept to finished custom.

For information regarding the scope of work undertaken, visit the projects page or use the contact form below.